Sunday, January 17, 2010

~Fantasy~ InuYasha oneshot |Lemon|

It was always been a fantasy to be with InuYasha. But that fantasy came true. ~2 weeks ago~ "InuYasha, I think we shouldn't do this." You tried to push him off of you, but he was too strong because you know your only human. "Why not?" He ask, stareing into your beautiful grey eyes. "What if Kagome finds us? You know shes my best friend and I don't want to hurt her. Plus she likes you." InuYasha grab your wrists and pinned them over your head, hard. "So, you don't love me?" The grip got more painful. "I-InuYasha, your hurting me!" Your voice was in a whisper and the grip got way worse. "Tell me!!" InuYasha's face was 1 inch away from yours. He let go of your wrists and pulled back. You wrap your arms around his neck, pulling him towards you. "I do love you and always will." You smile and he started to grin. "So, does that mean that you want to be my mate?" "Yes" ~Lemon Starts~ He push you against the bed and started taking off your purple dragon kimono, leaving you in your black lace garments. You tried covering up your body , but InuYasha didn't let you. "Don't, your body is perfect." You blush and looked away. InuYasha grab your face, lightly, making you face him. He leaned in, putting his lips onto yours. You kissed him back, running your fingers into his silver hair. He lick your bottom lip asking for entrance and you let him. Your tongue was dancing on top of his. Both of you were fighting for dominance and InuYasha won. You and him pulled back for air, InuYasha smirk and went down to your neck. He started to kiss your neck until he found your soft spot, he was kissing, sucking and biting that spot which he earned moans from you. With his hands, he moved them up and down your curves. "I-InuYasha, I need you inside of me. Show me what a true mate means." You said, while rubbing InuYasha's hair. InuYasha looked into your eyes, feeling like he was looking into your soul. "Are you sure?" "Yes." Your eyes were full of lust. You help InuYasha take off his red kimono and his boxers. He rip off your black lace garments. He didn't waste anytime, he had you on your hands and knees, already he was inside of you. You couldn't hold in the pain. "INUYASHA!" He stop and started to whisper sweet nothings in your ear to calm you down. Then he started to pump inside of you, very slowly. You started to moan again. "h-Harder!" He was thrusting in and out of you, harder and faster. He slides his hands to your breasts and started to squeeze them, digging his nails into them. Blood beads slowly slide off your breasts. "InuYasha, please don't stop!" You said while moaning. This time when InuYasha went in, he hit your G-spot. Your head went back. You were almost reaching your orgasm. "Faster, InuYasha!" You moan and he thrust into you harder and faster. He did it three more times and his seed went inside of you, "Kim!" "InuYasha!" your juices went around his member. He pulled away and you drop on the bed with him. His arms were around your waist. He kissed your forehead, moving some of your black bangs away. "Fantasy." "Hm?" " Nuttin." thatz all you said until you and him fell asleep.